Web Writing.

14 Sep

What makes a good website? On a daily basis, we scroll through hundreds of web pages. What keeps us going back to certain sites is the content and the way it’s displayed. People tend to prefer attractive, organized and credible sites with attention grabbing headlines and concise writing.

One of the best to illustrate these qualities is Big Think. This site covers basically everything: arts, business, science, history and much more. It’s a great place to go to challenge your preconceived notions and recharge your mental batteries.

Stories are organized into different categories and include keywords for tags and searches. Headlines on the homepage and topic pages are meaningful, concise and grab the reader’s attention. Although some tend to be more than eight words, the majority remain short. The blurbs beneath the headline do a good job of offering insight about the story.

The articles are well written and objective. Most are concise, providing graphics and links. Content is split into information bytes with one idea per paragraph and are kept short. For the stories that are lengthy, the writers succeed at dividing them into sections and providing lists for scanning. As the stories progress, the information in them becomes less relevant. This inverted pyramid style is essential in good web writing.

Overall, Big Think is a great site that provides really interesting information in a professional way. So if you ever feel like opening up your mind, while seeing some exceptional web writing, check it out! But what are some of your favorite sites? What are their writing styles? Can you think of any that display those similar to Big Think’s?


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