News Release.

26 Sep

What makes a good news release? For anyone in the strategic communications field, they are part of everyday life.  There are several elements that can make or break a news release. A great example is found here.

This release begins with an appropriate headline that is under eight words and in present tense. It’s precise and concise and catches the reader’s attention. What makes it newsworthy are the elements of timeliness, impact and proximity.

The text begins with a proper dateline followed by the first sentence, which establishes local interest. The release follows the traditional inverted pyramid style, with the most important information first. The lead, or first paragraph, does a great job of addressing the who, what, when and where.

The following paragraphs include quotes and other facts. The writing is precise, concise and follows AP style. A boilerplate, or a background, is located at the end. Contact information is also provided as well as links to other sites.

To me, this press release has all of the right elements. It’s short, to the point and includes relevant information. But what are your thoughts about news releases? What elements do you find important?


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