Media Kits.

3 Oct

What does a good media kit consist of? Media kits can be very beneficial if done correctly. They provide an abundance of information to a journalist about a particular news story or event.

Stetson Creative provides a great example of a media kit promoting their GIVING FACE event. The kit is in a digital format found on the event’s website. It’s well-organized, visually appealing and provides relevant information.

The media kit consists of several components. It begins with an appealing coverage page, followed by a news release, which provides newsworthy information about the organization. Next, a fact sheet is provided, revealing the who, what, when, where and why of the event. A backgrounder follows, which supplies interesting, relevant facts about Stetson Creative and its other projects. The kit also includes information about event production, hosts, featured models and entertainment. It’s concluded by a contact page listing the GIVING FACE team.

What really stood out to me was the visual appeal of the media kit. It displays bright, dramatic colors and large fonts. Photographs are also dispersed throughout to help engage readers. It’s highly organized and well-written. The names of the event and organization are included on every page. The information provided is relevant and useful in writing a story.

So what do you think about media kits? What should they consist of? Are there any elements that you find particularly important?


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