Feature Stories.

9 Oct

What makes a feature story great? Features are my favorite type of stories. They inform as well as entertain. Rather than just state the facts, they hook the reader and engage him or her in the story. One of my favorite magazines, Vogue, has always produced spot-on features, including this story over Tim Tebow.

The feature begins with a detailed description of a professional football game. This striking image helps hook the reader and peak his or her interest. I really like this strategy because it makes you feel like you’re actually in the story. The description helps to set the mood for the whole story.

The story isn’t long, only about two pages, but it does a fine job of introducing us to Tebow. The organization follows the epic poetry strategy in which the story begins in the middle of things, or in this case, during his professional career. The story then flashes back to the beginning of his life, revealing his childhood and the start of his impressive football career. The story continues to flow, revealing that there’s more to him than just football and fame. The descriptive writing brings him to life and reveals his amazing personality.

The story is concluded with a short, dramatic interview following a less than successful preseason game. Although he may not have played as well as he would have liked,  he refuses to let failure darken his spirits. The final quotes of the story illustrate just how strong and determined he is to be the best he can be.

So what are some of your favorite magazines? Do they provide such breath-taking features as Vogue?


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