Print Ads.

16 Oct

Advertising is everywhere. There is literally no escaping it. In order for an ad to be successful, it has to stand out among all of the advertising clutter. It has to catch our attention and keep it while selling the product.

A great example of such an ad is this Silk ad. This is considered a product ad, which persuades the consumer to take an action or change an attitude or a behavior. In this case, it’s trying to get consumers to purchase Silk soy milk.

Although the design is simple, it’s striking. The contrast of the white milk against the blue background makes it stand out. The visual of the delicious, creamy milk pouring into the glass is appetizing, yet it also leads the eye to the text. The little hearts within the milk create interest and wonder. Is this milk heart-healthy or will you simply love the taste? They are probably meant to suggest both. Also, by including the carton in the ad, consumers will be able to better recognize the product at a grocery store.

The headline “Pour on the power to help your heart and lower your cholesterol” catches the reader’s attention and leads them to the body copy by highlighting the health benefits. The body copy addresses both features and benefits of the product while also creating a sense of urgency by implying that the sooner you buy the milk, the healthier and happier you’ll be.

The ad is concluded by the Silk logo and a tagline, which should be included in any ad. So what are some of your favorite ads? What do you think makes them successful?


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